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BE Civil Projects Ltd operates Peavine gravel pit and supplies and delivers a wide range of construction gravels, bedding sands, radon gas stone, drain rock and topsoil. We supply wall rock, decorative rock and rip rap rock. We also recycle waste asphalt/concrete into a gravel product.

Rock Products

We offer a wide variety of aggregates including, Pea gravel, Radon rock, drain rock, sand and more.  

Topsoil and Garden soil

Our topsoil is screened and mixed with 20% sand for drainage.  Our Garden soil is a 50/50 mix of topsoil and compost.  Great for vegetable gardens.


We offer delivery outside of Cranbrook for a fee.  We also offer less than full load delivery.

*Flat rates do apply for pick up truck loads*

Hourly Equipment Rates

With our large fleet of equipment we are sure to have what you need for your projects.



Do you have an abundance of Ashphalt and concrete waste products using up valuable yard space?  We offer recycling services.  We will come out to your yard and recycle the materials into a usable subbase gravel product. 

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